Discovering the sun

I had a delicious dinner yesterday with friends. Ate myself to bits and completely loved it. There was wine (for my friends), live music, tea and lots of food. Yum Yum! The scale this morning: 60.2kg

I’ll be turning it down tonight  

15/22 - One More Week

So today is the 22nd of Ramadan and if I mange today I’ll have fasted 15 out of the 22 days and will be 7 days away from Eid Mubarak! I’m super excited. I am also very excited about my so far obtained weight loss. There’s a chance I will reach my gw of 56kg before the end of summer. The scale read 59.4kg this morning before suhoor but just now it read 60.3kg, which is slightly nerving cause I really can’t have gained a kg duo to my breakfast even though it was more elaborate than officially planned. Anyhow as long as I return to the 59s after today everything should be fine :P  

Back to 59.7 kg!!! Whoop, whoop! Time to maintain and try to go a little bit lower. The end of Ramadan is nearing and I’m positive I’ll gain at least 2 more kgs with Eid Mubarak. It would be grand if I weighed 57kg by then so I’d have a safe buffer. Anyhow the plan is not to weigh myself the day after Eid Mubarak :P


The scale this morning read 59.7kg!!!! So excited :) I lost 3 kg in one week  probably mostly water weight but still whoop whoop! 


Happy & Annoyed

so my sister made me plantain and salmon cause she’s noticed that I’m not eating a lot for iftar, which annoyed me a bit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sweet she made me food but when I eat fatty food I rather have it be tasty. And these plantain were all but tasty. Anyhow I went 600 kcal over my daily dose.  In order to compensate for this I’ll be cutting 100 kcal of my daily dose for the coming 6 days :( #Gottohavediscipline 

Friday Day 2
  • Iftar: pumpkin soup, tea and soda
  • suhoor: pumpkin soup and tea 
  • total intake: 200 kcal